2021 What a Year!


2021 was a year full of challenges and changes for My Special Event

During the year 2021, My Special Event had to face a number of challenges to adapt to current climates and situations.

The present coronavirus virus was still present and the Events business wasn’t what it used to be. Things had to change and Zoe Pniewski, Owner of My Special Event believed that My Special Event had to change too, to survive.

2021 Time to try Something New?

Zoe Pniewski, Owner of My Special Event and a qualified Party and Event Planner, decided that 2021 had to bring new and exciting times for her company. During the pandemic, events had stopped and people had different ways of celebrating their events now, a majority of them partying at home or in smaller groups and spending less. Working very hard throughout the year the following was born…


What is Party Boxes 4 U Packages?

Party Boxes 4 U Packages launched in late 2021 and they are a solution to the problem many busy parents have when it comes to organising a party or event. The idea is to save time and potentially wasted pennies by sourcing and sending to clients exactly what they need for their special day.

Party Boxes 4 U Packages
Party Boxes 4 U Packages from My Special Event.

Party Boxes 4 U Packages basic ideal is the client tells My Special Event what they require for their party and My Special Event will source the items and deliver them to the client before their celebration for them to use as they wish. Packages can be ordered up to 2 weeks or months in advance (obviously the more time the client gives the better to get stock in). The client can choose from a pre-done party box or a bespoke one. Pre-done packages are themes that have already been put together by My Special Event and can be anything from Unicorns, Mermaids to Superheroes. Of course, the theme doesn’t have to be a character it can be a colour such as the Red themed Birthday box of the gaming-themed box.

2021 What a Year! 1
Dinosaur Party Boxes
2021 What a Year! 2
Harry Potter Themed Party Boxes

Party Boxes 4 U Packages in 2021 – Was it successful?

The basic answer to this question is yes, we launched in later 2021 and after trailing a Superhero Themed Party Box to a client in Cheddar who tested the goods for us we were good to go. Next came some small birthday parties including a 1st birthday party with a jungle feel, a 7th birthday party with just Happy Birthday themed decorations and many enquiries. Next came the themed occasion boxes for Christmas which turned out to be a huge success for My Special Event.

Superhero Party Boxes 4 U Set up
Superhero Party in Cheddar – Using our Superhero Party Boxes 4 U Package

Christmas 2021 – Special Activity Boxes from My Special Event

Christmas Party Boxes
2021 Christmas Boxes from My Special Event

Christmas was a huge success with the special Party Boxes 4 U Packages selling out in record time. One client increased their original order from 1 box to 3 because of the contents and the fact that they looked so good. All this value for £19.99 – Bargain!!!

2022 – What Next?

2022 has brought new and exciting ideas for Party Boxes 4 U Packages from My Special Event. New themes include the Harry Potter Boxes and a new Magician themed box which will be coming later in 2022. Easter boxes have been popular with clients selling out 6 weeks before Easter and the introduction of Mothers Day Pamper Packages for those busy working mums. My Special Event is always looking for new and exciting box themes so if you have any get in touch. You never know your idea could be a best seller!

Party Boxes 4 U Packages – I want one who and how do I contact My Special Event?

If you would like a Party Boxes 4 U Package then you can contact Zoe Pniewski, Party, and Events Planner, Owner of My Special Event in the following ways:

Fill in the Party Boxes 4 U Packages Request Form (Under Services and Packages 2022)

Telephone: 07587158999 (Mobile) or 01243 829592 (Office)

Email: info@myspecialevent.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myspecialevent.co.uk

Twitter: @MySpecialEvent3

Instagram: Zoepniewski

Fill out the Contact Form on this website and Zoe will contact you

or click on the icons below.

Once you have messages or placed your order an invoice will be sent to you for payment. Alternatively, contact me through my Facebook Shop (My Special Event) or My E Bay Products, or My Etsy Shop.

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