£850.81 Raised for Cancer Research UK

Two certificates for the latest charity events from My Special Event

Cancer Research – A Charity Close to My Special Event

My Special Event held two charity fundraisers in September 2018 and raised a large amount for Cancer Research UK.  

Pixels Against Cancer 16.09.2018 – Supporting Cancer Research UK

The first event was Pixels Against Cancer which was an afternoon/evening of Retro Video Gaming fun at The Waverley Pub, Aldwick, Bognor Regis.

This event was a fun packed one with 13 different play stations available with a few hundred people turning up to help raise money and awareness.  Children and adults of all ages and abilities turned out at this event.

As well as gameplay the event held a raffle full of wonderful prizes from a Meal for two to a Gaming Mouse.

There was a retro-themed cake stall, with cakes being donated by family, friend, and local businesses.

Kirsty O’Connor baked especially for this event a cake in the shape of an arcade machine which was won in a Guess How Many Pixels in Pac Man competition.

Arcade Machine
Pixels Against Cancer Arcade Machine Made By Kirsty O’ Connor

First of its kind in Bognor, the Waverley and My Special Event deemed the event as a major success and are hoping that this idea will become more of a regular thing in 2019 and have many plans in the pipeline so watch this space……

Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off Coffee Morning 30.09.2018 – Supporting Cancer Research UK 

The next event My Special Event held was two weeks later.  The venue this time was Sandra Louisa’s Art & Music Studio in Essex Road, Bognor Regis.

This event was a Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off Coffee Morning and Art Exhibition.

Held in the morning Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event and Sandra Louisa t/a Art + Music, had a cake sale with a Best Cake Competition judged by local Councillor Matt Stanley.

850.81 Raised for Cancer Research
Judge Matt Stanley judging the Stand Up to Cancer Bake-Off Competition

There was a Guess the Weight of the Cake competition too and a raffle overall raising over £300 for Cancer Research UK.

There was so much fun to be had at this event it even went past the 1 pm deadline.

The two hosts
Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event and Sandra Louisa of Art & Music
Our Bake Off Judge
Cllr Matt Stanley was our Paul Hollywood judging our Bake Off Competition

Raising a lot for Charity 

Overall between the two events, £850.81 was raised by My Special Event, Jan Pniewski and Sandra Louisa for Cancer Research UK.

Thanks for all your help and looking to the Future

It is hoped that there will be many more of these events in the future and My Special Event would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those involved behind the scenes, on the actual event days and her friends and family for all their support.

My Special Event – Hold your own Charity Fundraiser

Have you ever watched the many advertisements on the television or heard on the radio about all the many charities out there who need our support.

My Special Event would like to help any clients out there with their Charity Fundraisers.

My Special Event will hold an initial meeting with the client to discuss their ideas and work out how much is involved to do.

Charity Events – What about Fees?

With regards to charging any fees for Charity Fundraisers, each event is evaluated in a different way. There is no set fee for a Charity Fundraiser and My Special Event will consider various rates depending on the involvement and scale of the event in question.

However, there are exceptions

On some occasions, the need for a fee could be waivered for the Charity in question. In return, My Special Event asks that they can use any photographs or video taken at the event is allowed to be publicised on My Special Events website. My Special Event would also like to make sure a blog is written about the event so that everyone can see what happened, how much was raised and any future events that may be on the horizon.

Charity Fundraiser – You would like one organised

How do you contact My Special Event to discuss your Charity Fundraising idea?

If you would like to have an informal consultation (no Fee) with My Special Event you can contact them in the following ways:

Telephone/Mobile/Text: 07587158999 and ask for Zoe Pniewski

Email: info@myspecialevent.co.uk

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