Cakes For The Memories 2020

Cupcake Day

Cupcake Virtual Event For My Special Event

Join My Special Event on the weekend of Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September 2020 for their virtual Cupcake Event in aid of Alzheimer’s Society.

Cake, Make, Bake Or Buy?

It doesn’t matter if you make a cake or buy a cake for this event the whole purpose is to get people together in their homes to raise awareness of the fantastic work The Alzheimer’s Society does.

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Making Memories Is Important

The Alzheimer’s Society work with families and those who are dealing with someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. There are many forms of this illness and currently there is no cure for it. It affects a great number of people around the world and more is needed to understand this illness and how to deal with it. Still a “taboo” subject and also many believe, wrongly, it is an “old peoples disease” is incorrect when there is proof there is no set age for the onset of this illness.

Cake Event Is Also A Personal Fight

My Special Event is participating in this event for a personal reason as well as raising awareness for others. Zoe Pniewski, has family members who are currently battling this illness and she has also lost family members and had friends who have lost loved ones to this illness.

Making Memories In Difficult Times

We all know that the last few months have been difficult for all of us and in the events industry especially where events are not permitted to take place at present. Event organisers, like Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event are thinking of new and creative ways to promote events and raise money especially for charity events.

Cakes – How Do I participate?

Participating in this virtual event is easy. No special equipment is needed apart from what you would use to bake a normal cake. Brush off the whisk, dust down your spoons and bring out your bowls. My Special Event is asking all those who wish to participate to bake a cake and then send us a photo of your masterpiece and creation, and donate if you can what you would of charged for someone to buy your cake at a normal cake sale.

Bake – Make – Eat – Donate

It is as easy as that. There are no limits to the number of cakes you make or your imagination. You can be as creative as you wish or if you do not fancy baking then pop down to your local supermarket.

Multicoloured Cupcakes

Virtual Cupcake Day – How Do I Get Involved?

If you would like to support My Special Event and The Alzheimer’s Society in this event then are multiply ways you can get involved.

Firstly, bake, make or buy the cake you are wishing to enjoy for these event.

Take a photo if you wish of your creation and then you can send it My Special Event the following ways:


WhatsApp: 07587158999

Mobile: 07587158999

Email via Personal Message to My Special Event on Facebook

Post a copy of your creation on the Virtual Cupcake Event Page on Facebook

How Do I Donate To This Event?

If you would like to donate to this event then it couldn’t be simpler.

Visit Just Giving and search for Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event and their Virtual Cupcake Day 05.09.20 – 06.09.20 and donate or click on the link.

Alternatively, contact Zoe Pniewski and she will give you details on how to donate offline.

How do I contact My Special Event

If you wish to contact Zoe then you can do in the following ways:


Telephone: 07587158999

or visit and use the contact form and Zoe will contact you.

Whatever you can donate, If you can, then Zoe Pniewski says thank you on behalf of The Alzheimer’s Society.

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