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Party Boxes 4 U Packages Request Form

Party Boxes 4 U Packages Request Form

Contact My Special Event with your request for the type of package you want.

Party Boxes 4 U Packages Request Form
Tell My Special Event what the contents of your Party Boxes 4 U Package should look like…..

My Special Event would like you to use the following form to tell them what sort of items you would like in your Party Boxes 4 U Package. We understand that items may change depending on your initial plans but it gives us a rough outline of what sort of party you want and how many guests will be invited so we know how much stock to order in for you.

Firstly, Complete the Party Boxes 4 U Packages Request Form

My Special Event, would like all new clients who are interested in purchasing a Party Boxes 4 U Package to fill in the form below and send it to them. Try to tick and fill in as much of the form as you can with as much information about your theme, requirements, things you really really want and things you dont need or are too worried about if we cannot get hold of them for you.


Secondly, My Special Event will send you an idea of costs

My Special Event will research as to where to purchase all the items you require and how much the items will be. The cost of the package will differ from client to client depending on the quantity of the items. Some clients will want x1 of everything and some will want more so no two packages will be the same. Optional extras will also be available from the standard items, such as party games and other things you have asked My Special Event to source on you behalf.


Obviously the cost of these items, takes into consideration the amount of time to research and purchase these items at the best possible price for the client, therefore the prices will be kept as low as possible. You may find the price lower yourself but beware the quality of the goods may not be the same and it may take you longer to source, as My Special Event has a number of contacts within the Party and Events Industry to use to source these items from.

Thirdly, My Special Event will purchase the items on your behalf

My Special Event, once they have agreed with the clients that the prices are ok, will purchase it items for the clients box and then once they have all arrived, package them up ready to send to the client or delivery. Local delivery is possible, otherwise postage and packaging costs will be worked out.

Postage costs for standard 12″ x 12″ x 12″ Boxes which hold quite a bit of stock from 2KG+ can cost from £5**upwards. It depends on which service is selected for postage, which courier is used and the destination of the package.

A lot goes into postage in packing so all stock is presented nicely and will be safely packed. Zoe, Owner of My Special Event has over 10 years of experience working in Sales and Marketing and Packing so she will pack your parcel with care. However, responsibility unfortunately cannot be taken by My Special Event with regards to couriers but we will assure clients we will do our best to make sure the packages arrive safely, on time and “in one piece”!!!!

** My Special Event cannot guarantee a price for postage until ALL Items have been packed and weighed. If a bigger box or multiple boxes are needed then the client will be contacted.

** My Special Event cannot be held responsible for the increase in postage prices when couriers or the Post Office increase them. Clients of course will be made aware of any price increases.

Party Boxes 4 U Package Has Arrived – What Happens Next?

Your special Party Box has arrived so you ask what happens next.

  1. Unpack you box and take out any paperwork included with your package.
  2. Check the quantities and the items in the box to make sure they are all there and none have been damaged in transit.
  3. Set- up your event (if you need help with setting up and local – this can be offered but will cost extra)
  4. Put to one side the Feedback Forms to fill in later and send back to My Special Event or submit a Feedback Review online
  5. Lastly…….ENJOY YOUR PARTY BOXES 4 U PACKAGE and if you enjoyed it ORDER ANOTHER ONE.

Other Events are available

If you fancy another event then feel free to fill in My Special Event’s Contact Form and they will be happy to work with you on another “special event” of your choosing.

Christmas 2020- Elf ‘n’ Safety during Covid

Elf sitting on a present

Christmas will look a little different for 2020!

2020 hasn’t been the easiest of years, and Christmas will not be the same as other years. People around the UK and the World although have been encouraged to have some sort of celebration for the festive season, will have to be extra careful as the virus doesn’t now the difference between a normal day and Christmas Day!

Businesses – Run up to the Festive Season – A Tricky One

Businesses, including My Special Event have had to adapt to the change in circumstances since beginning this difficult year in March with the 1st lockdown. Hopefully with the roll out of the vaccine and another couple in the pipeline, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon.

My Special Event, like many within the Events and Wedding Industry have been unable to work since March 2020, due to the fact Weddings and Events have been cancelled and postponed due to the Covid restrictions in place.

Many clients with so much uncertainty around haven’t pressed ahead with any plans for events as like us in the industry they are waiting for a period of time when events are safe to take place again. With the news last week from the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson that Weddings and Events could restart from Easter onward next year there is some hope for these clients who have been in limbo since March.

There are obviously some restrictions and conditions which will need to be in place to make sure all events taking place are safe. The vaccine being rolled out is being done gradually, but it is a mammoth task ahead for the NHS so social distancing and other restrictions will have to be in place until it is safe to remove them fully.

Santa Sack

Planning Ahead, Planning Safely, Sacksful of Surprises

After the news last week, clients can begin to plan their events with the knowledge that next year will be very different to this year. My Special Event is on hand to help any client who wishes to hire a planner to help organise their event.

We will work with our clients to work out what restrictions will still in place, follow and consult the guidance outlined by and come up with ideas through consultations about the best way to handle their event safely. Consultations for the time being are being held online via Skype or Zoom, so contact Zoe Pniewski for further details.

Consultations come with no obligations so you can discuss your plans and if you decide to not proceed then there’s no costs involved.

Some clients, however may choose to keep events online for the time being and others may press ahead with face to face events but on a smaller scale. Zoe Pniewski, Owner of My Special Event said “most clients will probably be a bit nervous about returning to some time of “normal” as we have been living with restrictions for so long, it has become a way of life for some”.

My Special Event has participated in several online and virtual events this year to keep “business” going.

These events have been One Million Steps Challenge for Diabetes UK, Virtual Coffee Morning for Alzheimer’s Society UK and is even hosting their own Virtual Christmas Family Quiz to bring a bit of family fun to the those they cannot see over Christmas.

My Special Event also participated in the Christmas Musical Advent Charity Event which was set up by Zoe’s cousin by submitting a Festive Tune.

What is Normal? Will Next Christmas be Normal?

Christmas Crystal Ball
What will the Future be?

No one knows what the future will be. No one could of predicted what this year would of been like when it began in January. We can hope for a brighter future with the vaccine being rolled out this week , starting with those who are most vulnerable and NHS works and Care homes.

By the middle of next year we are all hoping that a majority of us who want the vaccine have had it, but we cannot predict what will happen and will have to take each day, week, month as it comes.

As an Event and Wedding Planner, part of my role is to help plan and organise the event in question with the client and also be able to adapt to a change in circumstances and work with the client to find a solution.

Many events take months to plans so it is always a good idea to have a list of short, medium and long term goals for what you hope to achieve.

Event planning is normally split into these categories, some things need organising at short notice, other areas need more careful planning and more notice. Take a look at My Special Event’s packages and see what they can do for you for your event and how much or how little planning is involved.

How do I contact My Special Event to discuss my Event?

If you have an event in mind for maybe next year 2021 or even 2022 or beyond, contact Zoe Pniewski, Owner of My Special Event to see what she can do for you.


Telephone: 07587158999/ 01243 829592

or alternatively visit and use the contact form. Zoe will then contact you to discuss your requirements.

My Special Event is also on social media:

Facebook – and search for My Special Event

Twitter – and search for @MySpecialEvent3

Instagram – and this will take you to My Special Event

LinkedIn: and search for Zoe Pniewski or My Special Event

There is no set time limit for organising your event, it doesn’t have to be this year or even 2021.

We understand at My Special Event that a lot of people , even when events can take place will be nervous so there is no rush.

My Special Event will be with you every step of the way to discuss your plans and organise, when the time is right your event so it is “special” for you at a time that suit yous.

25 Singsongs before Christmas

Christmas Musical Advent Calendar supporting charities

My Special Event has the pleasure of being involved with this wonderful event. Organised by Joanna Polley, who is Zoe Pniewski’s cousin, this virtual musical calendar is bringing festive joy as well as donations to local charities.

Musical Advent Calendar – A surprise behind every door in December!

Christmas Advent Calendar

Musical Advent Calendar – How does it work?

This event is an online, virtual event and it works by the organiser posting a video or an audio clip of a song each day with a festive feel. Each song has been performed either by the host, her family or friends and the idea is to share these videos for enjoyment but also to raise awareness of the charities they are supporting.

Each charity has a personal connection to the host, Joanna Polley. Jo’s father and Zoe’s uncle passed away of Pancreatic Cancer in December 2017. This was unexpected as he was only diagnosed in October of that year and the family lost him on Boxing Day 2017. All the charities chosen for this online event have supported Joanna and her family during and after her dads battle with cancer. The charities are: St Barnabas House, Pancreatic Cancer UK and Cancer Research UK

St Barnabas House Hospice plays an important role in a family’s life when someone dear to them needs palliative care in their final moments. They are a local charity to the host who has been of great comfort during those difficult moments. They provide care for adults fighting a long term illness and like many charities have been affected by this ongoing pandemic.

Pancreatic Cancer UK is a non profit organisation providing support and information for patients and their families affected by Pancreatic Cancer. This charity need help and funding to continue their amazing work and raising awareness about the condition and the impact it has on the lives it affects.

Cancer Research UK is one charity Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event has had previously dealings with. After supporting them back in 2017 herself raising money through two events “Pixels against Cancer” and the “Great Stand Up to Cancer “ she is happy to continue to support this charity through this event. Cancer Research UK do outstanding work providing support, comfort and guidance for those affected by all forms of cancer. There work is ongoing and like the other charities need continued support especially at this time during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Video and Audio Clips are posted via Facebook on the event page daily and people are encouraged to share the posts and if they can donate to 1, 2 or even all 3 of the chosen charities. The songs are all different and they have been performed in guidance with strict Covid rules and were filmed at various points by people with different skills and levels of performance. The aim is to have fun, spread a bit of joy as well as raising money.

Day 1 started off with a video posted by the host Joanna. Like Zoe, Joanna has a musical background and has performed a number of times with various groups and choirs and has now even set up her own Facebook Page as Jo Polley – The “Unlocked Singer”

Keeping it in the Family!

Day 2 was the turn of Zoe Pniewski, Joanna’s cousin and owner of My Special Event. Zoe is singing with her mum Yvonne. The chosen song was “The Christmas Song” aka “Chestnuts Roasting..” made famous by a mixture of people including Natalie Cole and Michael Bublé.

This song is sung as a duet and Zoe and her mum have sung on a number of occasions with amateur musical theatre groups including COS Musical Theatre and Bros Musical Productions, and as a duo called “Generations” performing at many social events.

Zoe and Yvonne also opened Zoe’s Charity concert Purrfest back in 2013 for The Cat and Rabbit Rescue Centre. Zoe and Yvonne in the past have also been part of “Songbirds” choir and Rock Choir. They have always have a passion to sing and have never sung a Christmas song together let alone record one so they couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to help with this event.

If the pandemic hadn’t of stopped events, Zoe and Yvonne were due to perform at “Music for Minds” which was a charity concert in August 2020 to raise money for Sage House and their work for people with Dementia.

Here is their Christmas Song…

If you would like to see the whole video then please click on the link…..

Vocals: Zoe Pniewski and Yvonne Edwards

Video : Joanna Polley

How can My Special Event help if I want to organise a similar event?

Events at this present time of writing are limited and most people are deciding to host them online and this is something My Special Event can help with. If you would like to host your own virtual event , which can be anything from a Christmas Quiz, to a Christmas Fundraising page or anything, normally which involves a charity fundraiser, then contact Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event and she can give you a Free Online consultation to discuss your ideas.

You can get in touch with Zoe from My Special Event the following ways:


Telephone: 07587158999 or 01243 829592

or, alternatively visit the website and use the contact form and Zoe will contact you

My Special Event is also on Social Media including:

Facebook – and search for My Special Event

Twitter – and search for @MySpecialEvent3

Instagram – and this will take you to My Special Event

LinkedIn: and search for Zoe Pniewski or My Special Event

There is no set time limit for organising your event, it doesn’t have to be this year or even 2021. We understand at My Special Event that a lot of people , even when events can take place will be nervous so there is no rush. My Special Event will be with you every step of the way to discuss your plans and organise, when the time is right your event so it is “special” for you at a time that suit yous.

Just For You & Your Gifts in 2020

Gift Shop has reopened after Lockdown

Just For You Cheddar

Just For You Cheddar has reopened after the 2nd National Lockdown and is there for you online and in store. Owners Clair Smith and Mark Smith who are married, are based in Cheddar and run the store, selling a variety of items from bath booms, confectionary to ornaments.

New Look, New Website

The gift shop has a new look in line with Covid 19 restrictions outlined by the UK Government and also has a new look website designed by Design By Creative.

It is a family run store which opened in July 2017 and is situated in the heart of Cheddar Gorge, Cheddar in the county of Somerset.

Clair and Mark backgrounds are from various fields including care and retail, working hard together to build up a successful business which offers high quality items, professional customer service all in a safe Covid secure environment.

Just For You Logo

Clair Smith is Zoe Pniewski, Owner of My Special Events‘ cousin and can personally recommend this shop for anyone who is searching for that unique gift for someone special in your life. Perhaps, however you would like a gift yourself after this uncertain year and with such a wide selection on off you will be spoilt for choice.

Adapting to the strange circumstances we face

Like many other small businesses within the UK, this business was no different. Using their time whilst in lockdown to redesign, re-advertise and reinvent themselves to fit in with the current needs of an ever changing consumer market. Designing a new website and relaunching when coming out of lockdown was the way to go and although Christmas is only a matter of weeks away they are still there for any “last minute” shopping you need.

A shop of variety

Just For You Cheddar offers a variety of gifts and suits a variety of budgets. The types of gifts they offer are:

  • Animal Gifts including ornaments, keyrings, plaques and mugs
  • Animal Ornaments from Farm Animals, Wildlife to Zoo
  • Bath Bombs of various colours and flavours
  • Confectionary to satisfy that sweet tooth
  • Goats Milk products for those of you with sensitive skin
  • Health & Body Products
  • Products for the Home including Candles
  • Miniature World Figures
  • Novelty Gifts including mugs, pens and much much more
  • Christmas and Season Gifts

Each gift is beautifully crafted and there is a wide variety to suit everyone’s taste.

Delivery is either local Click and Collect to Cheddar or Courier Delivery which is £4.95 for UK Delivery. Products can be ordered online or purchased in store (please checking trading hours before arriving).

Just For You aim to get your delivery to you within 3 to 5 days after the purchase and clear funds have been received , however this is an estimate and purchasers should allow at least 5 days for delivery as unexpected delays can occur especially during the festive months with the supply and demand on courier services.

Any questions you have on purchasing, paying or postage please visit Just For You at and visit their FAQ section.

How Do I Contact Just For You?

If you have any queries and would like to contact the gift shop then this can be done in the following ways:

Visit then in Person (please see opening times before visiting due to Covid Restrictions)


Just For You Cheddar

Unit 3 and 4 Queens Row
The Cliffs
BS27 3QE

07557 419309


Facebook: Just For You and send them a personal message

Or alternatively, visit and use their contact form and they will contact you with the information you need.

Have a New Business, New Look and Fancy a bit of Promotion Too?

My Special Event offers small and medium companies a chance to have a little bit of promotion done for a one off price. During these difficult times every business needs the occasional boost. If you are a small business and have a new look website offering something unique and would like My Special Event to promote you by writing a blog then please get in touch the following ways


Telephone: 07587158999

or alternatively visit and fill in the contact form with your requirements and Zoe will get in touch with you.

My Special Event can also be found on social media so please follow and like their page:

Facebook: and search for My Special Event

Twitter: and search for @MySpecialEvent3

Instagram: and this will take you to My Special Event

LinkedIn: and search for Zoe Pniewski or My Special Event

one million steps

Diabetes 2020 Step Challenge Success

One Million Step Challenge Smashed By Planner

Zoe Pniewski, Owner of My Special Event has participated in this years One Million Steps Challenge in association with Diabetes UK. The event was organised by the charity online during the current Coronavirus Pandemic.

Why Participate?

Zoe Pniewski, like millions of others was in lockdown during the early part of the year and once measures were eased slightly to allow exercise without so manty restrictions, Zoe who is a keen supporter of charities and their work wanted to do something to help whilst trying to keep fit. The One Million Step Challenge was originally from July till September but the fundraising page has been kept open until the end of October so Zoe continued walking and is still doing so.

Personal Reasons for Participation

Diabetes UK Logo
Logo for Diabetes UK Branding

As previously reported, supporting the charity is a personal cause for Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event. Several members of her family have or have had Diabetes and she was prepared to help raise awareness as well as money for the work this charity does for people with the condition.

Diabetes are commonly type 1 or 2 and unless you have the condition most people do not fully understand the condition. Zoe’s mum developed diabetes when she was older and understanding the condition is a different ball game. A lot of people have their own opinions of what the condition is and what they know may not always been the actual facts.

It is a lifelong condition and can develop for a number of reasons, from diet, lifestyle to pregnancy.

Type 2 Diabetes is the most common and this is normally controlled through a persons diet and medication.

Type 1 is the form that generally requires insulin.

There is however a third type which can be brought on through pregnancy called Gestational Diabetes.

There are other forms of diabetes and further information can be found on the Diabetes UK website.

2 Millions Steps and Still Going

Zoe Pniewski, of My Special Event is still counting her steps even though her fundraising page and the challenge has ended for now. Completing a total of 1,755,4074 steps between 1st July to 31st October and raised over £219.31.

Diabetes 2020 Step Challenge Success 1
My Special Event’s Certificate for On Million Steps

This challenge, Zoe would recommend for anyone. You can decide your distance and participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable doing. Along the way there was support from the charity and the challenge was broken down into small manageable targets.

  • 0.5 million steps
  • 1.0 million steps
  • 1.5 million steps
  • 1.7 million steps
  • 2. million steps

The targets for donations was also broken up in to manageable chunks too…

  1. £100.00
  2. £200.00
  3. £300.00 and so on …

Breaking down the fundraising like this into small achievements makes it fun and interesting to the participant.

2021 – How to get involved?

The One Million Steps is coming back in 2021 and Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event has already signed up for the challenge. If you wish to register your interest for this fundraiser then you can do by visiting their website On the website there are other fundraising events to get involved with or why not organise your own for charity?

How Can My Special Event Help Me with My Event?

If you have an idea for a Charity Fundraiser then My Special Event can help you. Zoe, can offer new and existing clients a FREE Consultation ONLINE to discuss your plans for your event. This can be done via many online platforms including Zoom and Skype or WhatsApp. The initial consultation comes with no obligation and it is a chance for you to discuss your ideas and put any questions or concerns you may have about organising your own. Consultations can usual last between 40 minutes to one hour and it is also the opportunity to get to know one another and if you would feel comfortable working together on your event.

Contact My Special Event to Discuss Your Event Ideas

If you have an event idea in mind and wish to discuss it with Zoe you can contact her the following ways:


Telephone: 07587158999/01243 829592

or alternatively visit and use the contact form and Zoe will contact you at a convenient time for you both.

My Special Event is also on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram

Helping the Homeless this Christmas 2020

Homeless Charity & Bognor Mum, helping those in need this Festive Season

Homeless Charity Bognor Housing Trust is being helped this year by a local mum who is raising awareness and support for them along with a local food bank.

Ms Johnson of Bognor Regis whose a friend of Zoe Pniewski, Owner of My Special Event is organising a homeless calendar box for the charity.

Two hands One Heart Image
Two Hands together representing one heart

Bognor Housing Trust – What do they do?

Bognor Housing Trust are there for people in their times of need. Whether you have found yourself recently made homeless due to personal, financial or whatever reason or have been in a situation for a while they are there for you.

They help those in need by providing high quality care short term and supportive housing. Encouraging and supporting those with access to mainstream economical and social activity – something which maybe hard for some but they are there for you ever step of the way.

They offer low- medium housing and welcome all types of support from donations (financially and material goods) . They do however only can house single adults and unfortunately cannot accommodate couples or children. Full details of what they can offer are on their website or click on the link below:

Bognor Housing Trust Website

Homeless Calendar Boxes
Giving chocolates to someone open palm

Calendar Boxes – What are they?

Calendar Boxes are a great way to give something back to those who cannot afford it themselves. Donations are welcomed and items can include any of the following:

  • Crisp Packets – Empty ones to make thermal blankets (once washed they are moulded together to make a blanket for those who need to keep warm in the winter months)
  • Breakfast Bars
  • Cookies
  • Cakes – Individual cakes in multipackets i.e. Cake Bars etc..
  • Dried Fruit
  • Crackers
  • Nuts
  • Bottles of Water
  • Packets of Wet Wipes
  • Toothbrushes (single and multiple packs) and Toothpaste
  • Deodorant (for men and women)
  • Combs and Brushes
  • Sanitary Products
  • Hats/ Gloves/ Scarfs and Blankets

NO ALCOHOL or SHARPS are to be donated to these boxes.

Items should be new and unused and in their original packaging if possible.

Donations - Shopping Trolley
Young Girl putting Food Donations into a shopping trolley

Supporting Local Food Banks this Festive Season too

Ms Johnson as well as supporting Bognor Housing Trust is donating goods to The Trussell Trust Food Bank in her local town Bognor Regis. Trussell Trust is there to help people who in a time of need, need a little helping hand. This calendar box idea by Ms Johnson is also a personal project as like with many of us we never know when we may need a little help ourselves. The stigma surrounding those who use Food Banks should be removed as we never know when hard times may fall and with this ongoing pandemic, more and more people are coming forward requesting help from a food bank to help feed themselves and their families.

Trussell Trust in Bognor Regis is one of many food banks in the community and nearby areas. They offer a “lifeline” to many and need regular donations so anything anyone can donate anytime of the year is gratefully received.

Trussell Trust Food Bank also have collection points for donations in local supermarkets in the Bognor Regis and surrounding areas. Check out their Donating Food page on their website as some items are more urgently needed than others.

How Can I help these Charities with Donations?

There are several ways that you can help this festive season with donating goods to the Calendar Boxes or if you cannot before Christmas but can after then contact the charities themselves to enquire about your donation.

To donate to Ms Johnson’s Homeless Calendar Box you can organise your donations through My Special Event by contacting them the following way and they will advise you how to donate:

My Special Event:

Email – or visit and submit and enquiry using the contact form.

Contact Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event on

Facebook –

Twitter – and search for @MySpecialEvent3

Linkedin – and search for MySpecialEvent or Zoe Pniewski

Instagram – www.

Bognor Housing Trust


Telephone: 01243 837995

Or visit their website and fill in their contact form with your enquiry

The Trussell Trust Food Bank


Telephone : 01243 866952 (Foodbank Enquiries) or 0344 477 1171 (Arun and Chichester Citizen Advice about Vouchers and help)

alternatively visit their website and fill in their online contact form

I would like to organise my own Charity Event, What can I do?

If you are interested in holding your own Charity Fundraiser which are mostly current online as events for large gatherings are currently not permitted then contact Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event to see what you can do. You can contact Zoe via email, telephone or fill out the contact form on Details of how to contact Zoe are above.

Zoe will offer you a FREE ONLINE CONSULATION to discuss your plans and she will be able to outline to you what will be involved, talk about some things you may have overlooked or not released needed to be done. It is a great opportunity to get to know one another and share ideas.

Q: I have an event in mind but I do not want to do it whilst this pandemic is still affecting us.

A: That is fine as Zoe can talk you through everything and organise the event with you for when YOU want to do it, even if it is in 2022 or 2023 it doesn’t matter. All events need careful consideration about who your target audience is, who the event is for and how to go about carrying out your event especially if it involved more people than you. There is no set time and My Special Event always have special promotions for new and existing clients so look out for promotions on

One Million Step Challenge

One Million Steps 27 Days Early

One Million Reasons to be Cheerful!

One Million Steps Challenge for Diabetes UK has been completed by Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event on Thursday 3rd September 2020. 27 Days BEFORE the completion date!

One Million Steps 27 Days Early 3
Completed by My Special Event on 3rd September 2020

The challenge was between 1st July till 30th September, is to walk a total of 1 Million Steps to raise awareness and donations on behalf of Diabetes UK.

One Million Ways to do This?

Diabetes UK has said that you can complete this challenge by walking, jogging or even dancing your way there. Zoe Pniewski, of My Special Event, based in Bognor Regis West Sussex decided to walk them. She enlisted the help of friends and family members to help her get her stride and keep up the pace with her, Determination was the key to success with this challenge.

You do one million sponsored steps. We transform lives. Together we end the harm caused by diabetes.

Diabetes UK

Awareness and Help for this Fantastic Charity

My Special Event, participated in this challenge to raise as well as funds but also awareness for the fantastic work they do for people and their families who have diabetes. Coming from personal experience with family members who have the condition and also someone who has continued throughout her life to struggle with her weight and diet, Zoe undertook the challenge for the many health benefits too. During the months of March, April and May when a majority of the country were in lockdown due to the restrictions imposed by the UK Government due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Zoe wanted to do something to stimulate her mentally as well as physically.

Diabetes and Manging your Lifestyle

For years and years, Zoe has fought a personal battle with her weight and health. She is from a family who have diabetes so it is possible with no management she could develop this condition too. Zoe during lockdown was struggling with her weight challenges and mental health, then she came across this challenge. She has always enjoyed walking and saw this challened as a chance to do something for her and others during this difficult situation.

One Million Seems a Lot !!

One Million Steps did seem quite daunting at first but with the support of the Diabetes UK, Zoe registered her interest in the challenge. Diabetes UK sent her the supporters pack and she set up her fundraising page. Starting with a donation target of £100 and setting her sights on completing the first 250,000 steps, Zoe started just before the 1st July to get the practice in for the challenge. Event before the 1st July she had her first donation!

Many Benefits to this Challenge too

Completing a challenge like the One Million Steps has many benefits too for the individual. Keeping fit is essential to a healthier lifestyle and also can have other benefits including:

  • More energised and alert
  • Achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle and hopefully fitter one too
  • Sleeping better at night – getting those 8 hours of rest
  • Reducing Stress , feeling more relaxed
  • Health benefits including lower blood pressure and healthier heart

Overall it is a win – win situation and with the added bonus of the glorious weather during the lockdown the challenge was a fun and exciting one to complete.

Building Up Each Day

Slowly each day, Zoe Pniewski built up her steps. Her goal was at least 10,870 steps a day and most days she would smash that several times over with completing 19,000 or 23,000 steps depending what she was doing during the day or the lengths of walks she completed. A little bit of decorating during the challenge helped to build up her steps too.

What Next After 1 Million?

Where to go from here? Walking more or finishing early?

Zoe Pniewski has decided that she is continuing on with the walking. She has her sights set on 1.2 million steps then 1.5 million and finally 1.7million steps and see what she can achieve by the end of September. She has also said she would like to continue on after the challenge has ended as it has benefited her in so many ways.

My Special Event Can Still Be Supported – How

My Special Event’s Fundraising page with Diabetes UK is still live and donations can still be made to the page. It is also where people can keep up to date with how many steps have now been completed as they are logged daily.

Visit: and search for Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event under the “Search” section of the page. This will take you to the fundraising page of My Special Event and you can read all about the challenge and donate if you wish to.

One Million Steps 27 Days Early 4

Fancy Doing a Virtual Fundraiser and Getting My Special Event to Help?

If you have a virtual fundraiser in mind and would like My Special Event to help you either organise it or promote it then you can get in touch with Zoe Pniewski the following ways:

Telephone: 01243 829592 / 07587158999


Facebook: Search My Special Event –

Twitter: @MySpecialEvent3

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Promote your business

Promotional Promotion 2020

Promotional Work for your Company by My Special Event

While times are hard and we are all trying to get back to some type of “new normal”, businesses need to advertise their services to clients, especially the Wedding and Events Industry to say to clients “Hey we are still here for you”.

Promoting all over the internet
Getting the message out to everyone about what you can do

Promote, Promote, Promote

Promoting the business or service you offer is important to draw in clients. As a start up company myself back in 2016, I understand the importance of how much promotion is needed. I won’t lie it hasn’t been easy and it can take time and money. 4 years on and I am still promoting the services I offer and slowly building up the business and making people aware of what I can offer.

Promote Your Business Promotion

Promotional Offer
Promote with My Special Event

My Special Event is planning on helping businesses out there who need a little bit of help with promotion.

For £20, they will write a blog about your services and what you have to offer and then advertise it on their website and their social media pages.

This service is primarily aimed at the Events and Wedding Industry and their suppliers but can be for any smaller company who wishes to have a bit of extra promotion.

My Special Event did this service for all their suppliers they used for their Wedding and Events Fayre they held in March, just before lockdown and it worked. Despite the Covid -19 issues the turnout for the event was better than expected and this was due to the promotion of the event and the suppliers involved. To see examples of what they did, visit the blogs and news pages.

Let’s Help Each Other

In these difficult times it is time to help each other. By promoting each others services we can get the message across to potential clients that we are here and we can offer you services for your event, as and when you need them.

The government guidance on larger scaled events and weddings is that they are currently not permitted but we need to advertise to clients that they will be allowed “sometime” in the future.

Currently there is permission for smaller events and weddings to take place (under 30 people and with social distancing). The government have published guidance on this and it is updated regularly.

Social distancing is making events a little tricker at the moment, so companies are finding new and exciting and clever ways to host events and promote them. Most events are either on a smaller scale nowadays or hosted online, which again is something My Special Event has been doing.

Blog it, Flog it….

Blogging about a company or a service is great way for readers to find out about what there is to offer and also a fun and informative way.

Companies can write about anything that they feel will attract their clients, special offers, promotions, new services, change to services, the list is endless. Google likes to index and follow pages so links and interesting facts are important. The blogging material should be original and engaging so sometimes it is better for someone else outside of the company to write as they may have a different slant on the feel and look of a company. Of course everything written is up for negotiation and the client can have as much imput as they like.

My Special Event has this promotion on for the rest of 2020 and they would like to invite people to provide them with information about what they would like to promote and then hopefully this will engage the right clients and help promote both businesses. My Special Event will promote on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Google My Business.

Promotional Material – What do I Need?

To have a blog written by My Special Event, the companies would need to provide a little bit of information:-

  • Company Name and the services they provide
  • Where they are based
  • Contact information such as telephone, email and website as well as any social media accounts they have (Names of the accounts not details to access them as they will be used as links in the blogs)
  • What the company is all about
  • A bit of background information if applicable about how the company started or the person running the company or service got involved
  • Any promotional or business photos (JPEGS) and give My Special Event full permissions to use on their blog and social media pages
  • Any promotions they have running at the time
  • Any other interesting information about the company or business that the person feels maybe relevant for the blog

How do I get in touch with My Special Event?

My Special Event is available through out the working week and some weekends to help clients.

Telephone: 01243 829592 / 07587158999


or visit and use the contact form and Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event will contact you.

Cupcake Day

Cakes For The Memories 2020

Cupcake Virtual Event For My Special Event

Join My Special Event on the weekend of Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September 2020 for their virtual Cupcake Event in aid of Alzheimer’s Society.

Cake, Make, Bake Or Buy?

It doesn’t matter if you make a cake or buy a cake for this event the whole purpose is to get people together in their homes to raise awareness of the fantastic work The Alzheimer’s Society does.

Cakes For The Memories 2020 5

Making Memories Is Important

The Alzheimer’s Society work with families and those who are dealing with someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. There are many forms of this illness and currently there is no cure for it. It affects a great number of people around the world and more is needed to understand this illness and how to deal with it. Still a “taboo” subject and also many believe, wrongly, it is an “old peoples disease” is incorrect when there is proof there is no set age for the onset of this illness.

Cake Event Is Also A Personal Fight

My Special Event is participating in this event for a personal reason as well as raising awareness for others. Zoe Pniewski, has family members who are currently battling this illness and she has also lost family members and had friends who have lost loved ones to this illness.

Making Memories In Difficult Times

We all know that the last few months have been difficult for all of us and in the events industry especially where events are not permitted to take place at present. Event organisers, like Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event are thinking of new and creative ways to promote events and raise money especially for charity events.

Cakes – How Do I participate?

Participating in this virtual event is easy. No special equipment is needed apart from what you would use to bake a normal cake. Brush off the whisk, dust down your spoons and bring out your bowls. My Special Event is asking all those who wish to participate to bake a cake and then send us a photo of your masterpiece and creation, and donate if you can what you would of charged for someone to buy your cake at a normal cake sale.

Bake – Make – Eat – Donate

It is as easy as that. There are no limits to the number of cakes you make or your imagination. You can be as creative as you wish or if you do not fancy baking then pop down to your local supermarket.

Multicoloured Cupcakes

Virtual Cupcake Day – How Do I Get Involved?

If you would like to support My Special Event and The Alzheimer’s Society in this event then are multiply ways you can get involved.

Firstly, bake, make or buy the cake you are wishing to enjoy for these event.

Take a photo if you wish of your creation and then you can send it My Special Event the following ways:


WhatsApp: 07587158999

Mobile: 07587158999

Email via Personal Message to My Special Event on Facebook

Post a copy of your creation on the Virtual Cupcake Event Page on Facebook

How Do I Donate To This Event?

If you would like to donate to this event then it couldn’t be simpler.

Visit Just Giving and search for Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event and their Virtual Cupcake Day 05.09.20 – 06.09.20 and donate or click on the link.

Alternatively, contact Zoe Pniewski and she will give you details on how to donate offline.

How do I contact My Special Event

If you wish to contact Zoe then you can do in the following ways:


Telephone: 07587158999

or visit and use the contact form and Zoe will contact you.

Whatever you can donate, If you can, then Zoe Pniewski says thank you on behalf of The Alzheimer’s Society.

Virtual Events

Virtual Events 2020 – The Future

Virtual Events in 2020 Are Springing Up All Over The Place

With the Coronavirus Pandemic taking over the world and the future of the Events and Wedding Industry looking uncertain at this present time, organisers and event planners are having to look at new and creative ways to hold events.

My Special Event Is No Different

My Special Event is still there, they are still trading and adapting to the “new normal” we are adjusting to. My Special Event is promoting two virtual events this year to help two wonderful charities.

One Million Step Challenge
One Million Step Challenge by Diabetes UK

One Million Step Challenge

My Special Event is participating in the One Million Step Challenge raising money for Diabetes UK. This event takes place between the 1st of July and the 30th September 2020, and all monies raised go to the Diabetes UK Charity to support the marvellous work they do for people with this condition. This means this type of challenge is ideal for a virtual event as you can do it on your own or with others (whilst social distancing!) and out in the fresh air too.

There Are Health Benefits Too!

Not only raising money for this charity but raising awareness of how healthy it is to walk, run, jog and how activities like this sponsored or not can help you to be come a healthier you.

Diabetes UK is encouraging members of the public to take up the challenge and to walk them, jog them or dance them. Whatever these people feel comfortable doing as long as they are doing it in a safe and happy way.

Log Steps – Receive Rewards

All the steps which are taken each day are logged on the participants very own fundraising page and there are rewards to collect along the way. Rewards for donations received also and there is no minimum fundraising target although My Special Event like many other participants start with £100 target. One Million Steps is the suggested target for steps, but if you do more or less it doesn’t matter as every step you do, goes a long way to help the charity and their work.

Diabetes UK Logo
Logo for Diabetes UK Branding

Diabetes UK Are With You Every Step of the Way!!!

Diabetes UK, understand that times are hard and they are there to support their participant during this challenge. If any supporter for this One Million Step Challenge needs their help then they can be contacted the following ways:


Telephone: 0345 123 2399

or alternatively visit their Website – for further details about this event and the wonderful work they do.

Support My Special Event with their Fundraising.

If you would like to support My Special Event with their fundraising effort then you can visit their One Million Step Fundraising Page or click on the link below: and search for Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event

My Special Event – How do I Find Out More About Events?

My Special Event has been in business for over 4 years and has covered a number of charity events for multiple charities. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, several events My Special Event had organised this year were unable to take place.

Zoe of My Special Event is looking into new and exciting ways to hold virtual events online for clients until such time events in person are permitted.

If you would like to learn about the types of events she covers them please visit her Services and Packages Section.

Alternatively you can contact Zoe in the following ways:

Email: – please outline your type of event, dates, ideas and as much information as possible. This will enable Zoe to get an idea of what you would like and the possible costs involved.

Telephone: 07587158999 or 01243 829592 (answerphones are available on both numbers)

Or, alternatively visit and fill in the contact form. Zoe will then be in touch with you about your requirements and set up a virtual meeting with you or your client to discuss your ideas.

Don’t Let Covid-19 Stop Events Altogether!

My Special Event would like to point out that just because we are fighting this pandemic we shouldn’t give up on the Events Industry. We all need events in our lives to take place, a bit of light relief for the day to day jobs we do. We need to socialise (as and when we can) and we need to keep the Events Industry going.

Virtual doesn’t mean boring, there are a number of new, exciting and imaginative ways we can communicate with one another and most possibilities are possible, we just need to take time to thing them through.

So if you feel that hosting Virtual Events is for you then give it a go. What have you got to loose???

I am Interested in Organising my Own Virtual Event (Virtual Events) how do I begin?

If you would like to discuss your very own virtual event with My Special Event then you can contact Zoe Pniewski, Owner of My Special Event the following ways:


Telephone: 07587158999/ 01243 829592 (answerphone on both lines)

or visit the website and click on the contact form and Zoe will get in touch with you.

What is Next for My Special Event?

My Special Event will be hosting a second virtual event later on in the year. In September they will be hosting a Virtual Cupcake Event to raise money this time for The Alzheimer’s Society. On 6th September, members of the public are encouraged to spend a day baking a cake and sharing it with loved ones (if we are allowed within the Covid-19 regulations). The idea is once you have baked your cake, you take a photo of it and upload it to the FB event page that My Special Event has for the event or email it to and it will be uploaded to the website. Cakes can be of all shapes and sizes and if you can, add a donation to the event, what it normally would of cost to sell your cake at a cake sale. So simply if you have pound or two spare, bake and cake, photo it and donate that spare change to help out people who need this charity.

BAKE – PHOTO – DONATE (its as simple as that)

Cupcake Fundraiser for Alzheimer's Society
Bake a Cupcake and host a virtual cupcake morning

My Special Event will be updating you on the event later on and also keep you updated on the progress for this event One Million Steps.