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Pixels at The Waverley

Pixels at The Waverley – February

Our First Monthly Event

Pixels at The Waverley kicked off on Sunday 24th February at The Waverley in Bognor Regis. It was a little success with around 60 people turning up for the event. The pub had a busy day with a lot of people staying out front to bask in the glorious sunshine as this is a rare sight for February. A live band was playing for peoples entertainment and those who did venture into the back function room spent up to 3 hours having fun with many different retro video games. With under 5’s getting in free, many gamer’s and nongamers brought their families to the event so all could get involved.

Pixels At The Waverley Wristbands
Pixels At The Waverley Wristbands – Each Player had to wear one

Pixels At The Waverley – Huge Variety Available

My Special Event along with Jan Pniewski (who was helping to run the event and is Zoe’s husband) set out a variety of different consoles and games for those who attended this new event. Some of the consoles dated back over 30 years and have been collected by Jan over the years or donated to him.

Consoles included Sega MegaDrive, Nintendo SNES, Amiga, Amstrad, Playstations 1 and 2, Commodore, Raspberry Pi Emulations and Binatone along with many more. These consoles will be available at future events and will be swapped around to make it more interesting for players. As the first event of its kind in Bognor this is a learning curve for all those involved as to what will work and what may need tweaking slightly.

There was a huge variety of games available to play and the helpers at the event were on hand to swap the games around when asked.

Some people came and went and came back as this event gave them the opportunity to be flexible. Once your entry fee of £3 was given you had a wristband (see photo above) for the event which meant you could come in and out of the event within the 3 hours. Many people came in played for a short while then went to the front of house to grab a drink, bite to eat or watch the band then come back.

Feedback is Essential

My Special Event asked several of its attendees to fill out a feedback form. This enables My Special Event to evaluate how the event went and what was a success and what needed working on. The next is event is at the end of March so it is important to take all the comments on board and make the playing experience next month even better than the previous one.

Pixels At The Waverley Next Month – March Event

Next months event coincides with Mothers Day, therefore My Special Event are tying it in with a special Mothers Day Promotion. Anyone coming to the event who brings their mother…Mums get in for FREE!!!

We are hoping this incentive will bring more people to the event.

Update on Pixels At The Waverley

October 2019 – Since writing this Blog back in February/March for the Pixels at The Waverley, Pixels at The Waverley has taken a little break. We are looking into other ideas at the moment as we feel we can bring something bigger and better to Bognor Regis for all those avid gamers and nongamers out there. My Special Event ia always looking for new ideas and suggestions, especially when it comes to Pixels and Retro Video Gaming. With the growing trend in Internet Cafes and other Retro Video Gaming Cafes slowly popping up around Portsmouth and other towns, we would like to bring something unique to Bognor. We have promised that we will bring back Pixels in the future and have been investigating some time at present in personal Pixels Parties and possible Build your Own Pixels Corporate Events. As with any event these take time, to carry out research for the right market and to get the right venue and equipment for these sessions.

The Importance of Advertising an Event

Importance of Advertising and getting it right – Start with the event

Importance of Advertising
Start with the right advertising and you are halfway to success

Pixels at The Waverley

My Special Event’s first event of this year is Pixels at The Waverley. The key to successful advertising is to get the event maximum exposure.

After the success of last years charity events – Pixels Against Cancer and Stand UP to Cancer Coffee Morning getting the advertising correct is vital.

Why it’s Important to Understand what Type of Event you are Advertising  

Advertising this event and making sure that it is clear what type of event it is i.e. not a charity event like last years is important as you do not want to mislead people.

From the start, people need to know exactly what they are coming to and what it is for.

Pixels at The Waverley is to be hosted by Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event.

Where to start advertising an event like Pixels?

The event will be trialled for a minimum of 3 months and if it is a success then will become a regular event once a month on a Sunday.

The right poster/leaflet to help advertise the event is vital. Our good friend Kurt who originally designed the Pixels Against Cancer poster agreed to redesign this one for us.

Pixels At The Waverley Retro Video Gaming Event
Poster Pixels At The Waverley

It is a generic poster which tells the reader that it is a regular event and not just a one-off.

Keeping it the Same

The same design used to advertise Pixels Against cancer was used for Pixels at The Waverley. This was because it was instantly recognisable to people who attended last year and have been inquiring about when will be holding another similar event. The bright colours and the theme of the poster were vital – keeping within the Retro theme which is what we are aiming for.

Newspapers and Radio Advertising to Get Our Message Across

Local Newspapers

My Special Event has decided to get the papers and the local radio involved in helping them promote. The Bognor Post and Bognor Observer have both been involved in providing reporters and photographers to write an article for their papers.

Get the audience listening

My Special Event has contacted “SAM FM” and “Spirit FM” to advertising Pixels at The Waverley. As well as this we have put up posters in some local businesses and community centres/ libraries/ theatres those businesses which have community boards for free advertising of the local event.

We have also created an event on the West Sussex County Council Events Website and this will hopefully get the message across to several towns in West Sussex that this new and exciting event is happening.

Support from the Venue

The Waverley where the event has supported this event right from the start. They have been happy to help us promote Pixels at The Waverley by advertising in the pub, on their events page and by use of social media event pages for Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

The Future

My Special Event is hoping that this event will get all those people who use to love retro video gaming and those who do not know much about it involved. The event is open to all ages and abilities and here’s to making everyone’s Sunday a FUNDAY with Pixels Retro Video Gaming.

Read more about Pixels At The Waverley in our next Blogs or visit the Pixels Parties Page for information on how to hold your very own Pixels Retro Video Gaming Event. My Special Event is hoping that this is something that can be special to the town of Bognor Regis and something that will peak many peoples interests for a long time to come.

If you have any ideas for a Pixels party or event then feel free to contact Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event on 07587158999 or email

Pixels at The Waverley 1

Pixels at The Waverley

After the huge success of “Pixels Against Cancer” Charity Fundraiser in September 2018, My Special Event is back at The Waverley hosting a monthly gaming event every last Sunday of the month.

Pixels At The Waverley

Pixels at The Waverley is a monthly Retro Video Gaming Event held in at The Waverley Pub in Bognor Regis. Located in their function room it is a relaxing Sunday afternoon event when families can come along and play all those recognisable retro video games for 3 hours.

Entry is £3 per person and that will entitle the guest to 3 hours of Fun and Games on familiar games such as PAC Man, Snake, Asteroids and the famous Dance Station Dance Mat.

Live Music, Fabulous Food and Drink

As well as attending this gaming event, the pub is hosting Live Music every last Sunday of the month with local bands and singers attending to provide guests with a variety of music suitable for all the family. The Waverley offers a yummy roast on a Sunday so why not make a day of it, come for lunch, listen to some music and play some retro video games.

Turn your Sunday once a month in a Family FUNDAY with Pixels at The Waverley.

Hold your very own Pixels Party – Personal or Charity

If you come along to the Pixels Monthly Event and fancy holding your very own Pixels Party or a Charity Fundraiser then this could be your lucky day. My Special Event has a service available to host your own Pixels Party. Whether it is for a special birthday or anniversary we can design a package to suit your budgets and requirements.

Please see our Pixels Party Package page for further details or alternatively contact My Special Event the following ways:

By Telephone/ Mobile/ Text 07587158999


My Special Event will aim to meet your requirements for your Pixels Party but obviously, with all equipment, there is a chance that things may need to be changed at the last minute. This will be discussed when an initial consultation is held by My Special Event.


£850.81 Raised for Cancer Research UK

Two certificates for the latest charity events from My Special Event

Cancer Research – A Charity Close to My Special Event

My Special Event held two charity fundraisers in September 2018 and raised a large amount for Cancer Research UK.  

Pixels Against Cancer 16.09.2018 – Supporting Cancer Research UK

The first event was Pixels Against Cancer which was an afternoon/evening of Retro Video Gaming fun at The Waverley Pub, Aldwick, Bognor Regis.

This event was a fun packed one with 13 different play stations available with a few hundred people turning up to help raise money and awareness.  Children and adults of all ages and abilities turned out at this event.

As well as gameplay the event held a raffle full of wonderful prizes from a Meal for two to a Gaming Mouse.

There was a retro-themed cake stall, with cakes being donated by family, friend, and local businesses.

Kirsty O’Connor baked especially for this event a cake in the shape of an arcade machine which was won in a Guess How Many Pixels in Pac Man competition.

Arcade Machine
Pixels Against Cancer Arcade Machine Made By Kirsty O’ Connor

First of its kind in Bognor, the Waverley and My Special Event deemed the event as a major success and are hoping that this idea will become more of a regular thing in 2019 and have many plans in the pipeline so watch this space……

Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off Coffee Morning 30.09.2018 – Supporting Cancer Research UK 

The next event My Special Event held was two weeks later.  The venue this time was Sandra Louisa’s Art & Music Studio in Essex Road, Bognor Regis.

This event was a Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off Coffee Morning and Art Exhibition.

Held in the morning Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event and Sandra Louisa t/a Art + Music, had a cake sale with a Best Cake Competition judged by local Councillor Matt Stanley.

850.81 Raised for Cancer Research
Judge Matt Stanley judging the Stand Up to Cancer Bake-Off Competition

There was a Guess the Weight of the Cake competition too and a raffle overall raising over £300 for Cancer Research UK.

There was so much fun to be had at this event it even went past the 1 pm deadline.

The two hosts
Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event and Sandra Louisa of Art & Music
Our Bake Off Judge
Cllr Matt Stanley was our Paul Hollywood judging our Bake Off Competition

Raising a lot for Charity 

Overall between the two events, £850.81 was raised by My Special Event, Jan Pniewski and Sandra Louisa for Cancer Research UK.

Thanks for all your help and looking to the Future

It is hoped that there will be many more of these events in the future and My Special Event would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those involved behind the scenes, on the actual event days and her friends and family for all their support.

My Special Event – Hold your own Charity Fundraiser

Have you ever watched the many advertisements on the television or heard on the radio about all the many charities out there who need our support.

My Special Event would like to help any clients out there with their Charity Fundraisers.

My Special Event will hold an initial meeting with the client to discuss their ideas and work out how much is involved to do.

Charity Events – What about Fees?

With regards to charging any fees for Charity Fundraisers, each event is evaluated in a different way. There is no set fee for a Charity Fundraiser and My Special Event will consider various rates depending on the involvement and scale of the event in question.

However, there are exceptions

On some occasions, the need for a fee could be waivered for the Charity in question. In return, My Special Event asks that they can use any photographs or video taken at the event is allowed to be publicised on My Special Events website. My Special Event would also like to make sure a blog is written about the event so that everyone can see what happened, how much was raised and any future events that may be on the horizon.

Charity Fundraiser – You would like one organised

How do you contact My Special Event to discuss your Charity Fundraising idea?

If you would like to have an informal consultation (no Fee) with My Special Event you can contact them in the following ways:

Telephone/Mobile/Text: 07587158999 and ask for Zoe Pniewski


Coffee Morning/ Stand up to Cancer Poster

The Great Stand UP to Cancer Bake Off

Coffee Morning & Art Sale

On Sunday 30th September, My Special Event along with Sandra Louisa t/a Art & Music will be hosting a Charity Event to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research UK

The Great Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off – What is it?

The Great Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off Coffee Morning is exactly what it says on the poster, a Coffee Morning in aid of Cancer Research UK.

The Great Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off  – Where is it being held?

We are hoping as many locals and visitors to Bognor will come to this wonderful event which is being held at:

The Great Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off Coffee Morning Poster
The Great Stand Up to Cancer Bake-Off Coffee Morning Poster


Art & Music

85 Essex Road

Bognor Regis

West Sussex

PO21 2BY

What time is the event?

The event will start at 10 am and finish at 1 pm

What will be at the event?

Bring the whole family, young and old there will be plenty to do on the day.  Whether you are a Star Baker or have a soggy bottom, bring a cake and you never know you may be our very own Bognors answer to Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood. Fancy having your cake judged and becoming “Star Baker” then bring your creation along on the day.

Also at the event, there will be:

  • Raffle
  • Guess the Weight of the Cake Competition
  • Art Exhibition
  • Lots of other baking fun and games

So come along and have some run, bake, and cake and raise some “dough” for Cancer Research UK

Any questions about this event please call me on 07587158999 or email


Charity Fundraiser – Fancy holding your own?

Have you ever been to a Charity Fundraiser and said to someone” I fancy having a go at raising money for charity”? Do you have no idea where to begin and would like some help, to point you in the right direction?

My Special Event can help you to organise your very own Charity Fundraiser. It will begin with an Initial Consultation for 1 hour. We will discuss what ideas you may have and put a plan into action for your event. Charity Events can be big or small the ideas are endless and there are a lot of charities out there to choose from.

The initial consultation is FREE of charge and at a location which is ideal for both client and My Special Event. When it comes to discussing ideas it is a good idea to have a little plan in action of what you would like to do or ideas of ones you have seen done or been too and then we have a starting point. Ideas generally suit the type of personality of the client and the best advice is to do something you would like to do and nothing which is going to make you uncomfortable or in danger.

At the consultation, My Special Event will devise a timetable to organise this event and be as much or as little as you want us to be involved.

From time to time, further consultations may be needed to update ideas or discuss plans further. My Special Event will be able to evaluate how much discussion is needed depending on how big the event is.

Charity Events – What about Fees?

Fees for charity events is sometimes a difficult area for discussion. Depending on what is involved will depend on the type of fee or if a fee is charged. My Special Event has various rates for charity events and again depends on a number of factors and agreements with the client. My Special Event can offer various discounts on fees when it comes to a Charity Fundraiser and at times the possibility of waivering the fee but again this will be discussed at the initial consultation with the client.

Contact My Special Event and get Started

If you would like to discuss your idea for a Charity Fundraiser then My Special Event can be contacted in the following ways:

Telephone/ Mobile/ Text: Zoe Pniewski 07587158999


Alternatively, please take a look at My Special Event’s Charity Fundraisers Page for more information or click on this link.

Pixels Against Cancer in the Paper

We made it in the paper.  Two weeks ago (Thursday 30th August) the Bognor Observer did a short article on our upcoming event.

Pixels Newspaper
Our Pixels Against Cancer Newspaper Article

Cancer – We all know someone affected by it 

My Personal Reason

Pixels Against Cancer is a very important event. Not only is it my first Charity Fundraiser since qualifying as an Event and Wedding Planner but it is in aid of Cancer Research UK and in memory of my Godfather and Uncle Michael who passed away too soon last Boxing day at the young age of 65 from Pancreatic Cancer.  Leaving behind his family he is dearly missed and we hope to do him proud by raising as much money and awareness for Cancer Research UK as we can.  The event is at The Waverley Pub in Bognor Regis on Sunday 16th September 2018 between 2 pm and 8 pm.

All abilities and ages are welcome, there will be 13 different Retro video games to play from PAC Man, Snake to the Dance Mat.  There is hardware from the 1970’s to the millennium and gameplay is by donation.  A raffle and cake stall will also be at the event alongside Scan Station, a local computer company who will be bringing along some retro games and have donated some fantastic raffle prizes.

Food will be available at The Waverley all day along with a cash/card bar.  Any queries please do contact My Special Event on 07587158999 or email

If you fancy holding your own Charity Fundraiser then please contact My Special Event by email, telephone or through the contact form.

For further information about My Special Event’s Charity Fundraisers please go to the Charity Fundraisers page or follow this link. 

My Special Event also allows clients to hold their own Pixels Parties.  If it is a special birthday, anniversary or another occasion you can have your very own Retro Video Gaming experience.  For further information contact My Special Event or visit their Pixels Parties Package Page.