Charity Fundraisers

Charity Fundraisers

Charity Fundraiser, to organise?

Time and time again My Special Event hears the same questions when it comes to beginning to organise a charity fundraiser.

  • Charity Fundraiser – I want to do one, but where do I begin?
  • Will I be able to raise enough and will people turn up?
  • What type of charity fundraiser should I do? There are so many charities out there it is difficult to choose

If the above questions are ones you were thinking of then how about having your own Event Planner to help you get started. My Special Event has over the years been involved in a number of fundraisers, some for world-wide charities others for local community charities. It doesn’t matter who you raise money for, it is the fact you are raising money for them that counts. Charities are grateful for anything you can raise if it is a little or a lot they can use it all so what are you waiting for?

Types of Charity Fundraisers

When it comes to organising a Charity Fundraiser, there are lots of options. Maybe you have been to one which worked and would like to give that a try. Maybe you have an idea for a new type of activity and want to see if it will work. The list is endless of things you can possibly do to raise money for charity. Below is an idea of the types of fundraisers you could do, but ultimately it is up to you.

  • A sponsored activity – Physical Activities: Abseiling/Swimming/Dancing/ World Record Attempts
  • Auctioning something for charity – Art & Craft Sales/ Selling cakes/ Selling Artwork/ Raffles
  • Selling something for charity
  • A non-sponsored activity where people are encouraged to pay to take part – Car Boots/ Themed Fetes/ Discos/ Karaoke Competitions/ Sports Matches.
  • Retro Video Gaming Events

My Special Event has experience in multiple charity fundraisers and can help you to organise yours.

What will My Special Event do?

The first thing is an initial consultation with the client. This is normally an hour long and it is an opportunity for both client and My Special Event to meet and get to know each other. The consultation can take place either at My Special Event or at a local venue which is convenient for both parties. It is an opportunity for an informal chat to throw around any ideas and make suggestions. After the initial consultation, My Special Event will prepare a contract for the client outline what is expected of them. This will then be signed by both parties and a deposit paid to secure My Special Event’s services and the date of their event.


Event Planner? What will they organise?

My Special Event is on hand to organise a number of things for their client. The client, however, may wish to help with some of the organising and this is fine. All duties will be discussed at the initial consultation and My Special Event will organise a timetable of what is needed.

My Special Event can organise all or some of the following:

  • Venue
  • Budget
  • The team needed – volunteers, suppliers – their contact details and requirements
  • Catering if needed and beverages
  • Transport to and from the venue for participates if needed
  • Equipment needed for the event – furniture, electrical equipment, decoration needed, signage ….including any PAT Testing (If applicable)
  • Legal requirements and permits for the event
  • Marketing and publicising the event
  • Organising any special requirements

And after?

After any event, there is normally a follow-up meeting with the client to discuss how the event went, any feedback from the event and if needed is to distribute the donations to relevant charities.

My Special Event is here to help

At My Special Event, we will help you organise every aspect of your charity event and will be there on an actual day to help make sure things run smoothly.

My Special Event will put together an Event Plan for the Charity Fundraiser (if needed) and this will detail every aspect of the event on the day, from contact details and timings for the day. If for whatever reason My Special Event is unable to attend the day, then a suitable replacement will be sourced if available or alternative arrangements will be found.

How do I contact My Special Event?

If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation to discuss your ideas for your Charity Fundraiser.

Telephone: Zoe Pniewski 07587158999


Or alternatively, fill out my contact form with your requirements and I will get in touch.