Christmas 2020- Elf ‘n’ Safety during Covid

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Christmas will look a little different for 2020!

2020 hasn’t been the easiest of years, and Christmas will not be the same as other years. People around the UK and the World although have been encouraged to have some sort of celebration for the festive season, will have to be extra careful as the virus doesn’t now the difference between a normal day and Christmas Day!

Businesses – Run up to the Festive Season – A Tricky One

Businesses, including My Special Event have had to adapt to the change in circumstances since beginning this difficult year in March with the 1st lockdown. Hopefully with the roll out of the vaccine and another couple in the pipeline, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon.

My Special Event, like many within the Events and Wedding Industry have been unable to work since March 2020, due to the fact Weddings and Events have been cancelled and postponed due to the Covid restrictions in place.

Many clients with so much uncertainty around haven’t pressed ahead with any plans for events as like us in the industry they are waiting for a period of time when events are safe to take place again. With the news last week from the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson that Weddings and Events could restart from Easter onward next year there is some hope for these clients who have been in limbo since March.

There are obviously some restrictions and conditions which will need to be in place to make sure all events taking place are safe. The vaccine being rolled out is being done gradually, but it is a mammoth task ahead for the NHS so social distancing and other restrictions will have to be in place until it is safe to remove them fully.

Santa Sack

Planning Ahead, Planning Safely, Sacksful of Surprises

After the news last week, clients can begin to plan their events with the knowledge that next year will be very different to this year. My Special Event is on hand to help any client who wishes to hire a planner to help organise their event.

We will work with our clients to work out what restrictions will still in place, follow and consult the guidance outlined by and come up with ideas through consultations about the best way to handle their event safely. Consultations for the time being are being held online via Skype or Zoom, so contact Zoe Pniewski for further details.

Consultations come with no obligations so you can discuss your plans and if you decide to not proceed then there’s no costs involved.

Some clients, however may choose to keep events online for the time being and others may press ahead with face to face events but on a smaller scale. Zoe Pniewski, Owner of My Special Event said “most clients will probably be a bit nervous about returning to some time of “normal” as we have been living with restrictions for so long, it has become a way of life for some”.

My Special Event has participated in several online and virtual events this year to keep “business” going.

These events have been One Million Steps Challenge for Diabetes UK, Virtual Coffee Morning for Alzheimer’s Society UK and is even hosting their own Virtual Christmas Family Quiz to bring a bit of family fun to the those they cannot see over Christmas.

My Special Event also participated in the Christmas Musical Advent Charity Event which was set up by Zoe’s cousin by submitting a Festive Tune.

What is Normal? Will Next Christmas be Normal?

Christmas Crystal Ball
What will the Future be?

No one knows what the future will be. No one could of predicted what this year would of been like when it began in January. We can hope for a brighter future with the vaccine being rolled out this week , starting with those who are most vulnerable and NHS works and Care homes.

By the middle of next year we are all hoping that a majority of us who want the vaccine have had it, but we cannot predict what will happen and will have to take each day, week, month as it comes.

As an Event and Wedding Planner, part of my role is to help plan and organise the event in question with the client and also be able to adapt to a change in circumstances and work with the client to find a solution.

Many events take months to plans so it is always a good idea to have a list of short, medium and long term goals for what you hope to achieve.

Event planning is normally split into these categories, some things need organising at short notice, other areas need more careful planning and more notice. Take a look at My Special Event’s packages and see what they can do for you for your event and how much or how little planning is involved.

How do I contact My Special Event to discuss my Event?

If you have an event in mind for maybe next year 2021 or even 2022 or beyond, contact Zoe Pniewski, Owner of My Special Event to see what she can do for you.


Telephone: 07587158999/ 01243 829592

or alternatively visit and use the contact form. Zoe will then contact you to discuss your requirements.

My Special Event is also on social media:

Facebook – and search for My Special Event

Twitter – and search for @MySpecialEvent3

Instagram – and this will take you to My Special Event

LinkedIn: and search for Zoe Pniewski or My Special Event

There is no set time limit for organising your event, it doesn’t have to be this year or even 2021.

We understand at My Special Event that a lot of people , even when events can take place will be nervous so there is no rush.

My Special Event will be with you every step of the way to discuss your plans and organise, when the time is right your event so it is “special” for you at a time that suit yous.

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