Coronavirus: Picking Up The Pieces.

Coronavirus has forced a lot of people to cancel their events

Coronavirus is something we haven’t ever faced and it has taken everyone by surprise and difficult decisions have had to be made.

Unprecedented Times

The UK and around the world, people are facing a difficult time and none of us knows how long this situation will be around for.

Coronavirus Postponement or Cancellation?

Many couples have had to cancel or postpone their weddings and events have been placed on hold due to the lockdown and no gatherings taking place at the moment. What is best to do though? Cancel your wedding or event or postpone it?

Companies Are There to Help Couples Decide – Postpone or Cancel?

There are companies out there helping clients to decide what is the best for their wedding or event in this current situation. has published a Frequently Asked Questions section on their website to help clients decide what to do by offering the most up to date advice.

Couples would need to contact their Wedding Insurance Companies if they have purchased Wedding Insurance to see if they can receive help for their upcoming wedding. There may be stipulations and terms and conditions with each individual insurance policy.

My Special Event also advice their clients to contact the suppliers, couples have hired for their events to see what their situation is. Some suppliers have temporarily closed their Wedding Businesses or maybe working on limited hours. All suppliers will have an action plan for what they would like to do with their business (although this maybe subject to change depending on how long the situation lasts!!). Clients can discuss the options with their suppliers and maybe able to postpone their wedding rather than cancel. Every client and supplier is different so please speak to one another and take into consideration how difficult this is for everyone involved and decisions made are not easy ones.

My Special Event is here to help any clients if they need help contacting their suppliers with difficult questions. Please feel free to contact me using the information supplied below.

Coronavirus Upsetting Not Only Weddings

Clients wishing to hold events are also having these disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic at the moment. Events have had to take a back seat for a while, but there is a possibility events can still take place but clients will have to find different ways to hold them rather than holding them in person and in large gatherings. have offered advice on different types of events we can encourage clients to hold in these difficult times.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources for Event Creators

It is about being creative sometimes and using what we have available to us i.e the internet, Skype and other conferencing programmes where a lot of people can all congregate at once in the comfort of their own homes.

Clear Coronavirus Advice From The Government

Washing hands during coronavirus pandemic
The importance of washing our hands and following Government Guidelines during this virus pandemic

The UK Government have had to take measures to protect all of us during this pandemic and the sensible suggestion about cancelling gatherings, weddings, events was one of the ways to prevent the virus spreading out of control. We can all do our part to help prevent the spread of this nasty virus and help get back to normality quicker and get back to organising events once again. You can read what guidelines the Government have out in place for the UK.

Government Guidelines for Covid-19 Coronavirus

Coronavirus – What Next?

Once this virus is over and under control, the Events and Wedding Industry will begin to pick up the pieces and get back to organising their clients special days.

Many of the small businesses in the industry, however, may not survive this outbreak which is sad and clients will need to take time to pre-plan and organise their event again, maybe with new suppliers or re-negotiate with existing ones.

The coming out of lock down procedure will be slow and probably painful at times but we have to stick together throughout this abide by the rules and adjust to a new way of living at the moment.

My Special Event – Here For You

Zoe Pniewski, of My Special Event, is still working and is at this present time taking on virtual enquires via email, text or Skype. Zoe is determined to offer as much support as possible to all existing and new clients and suppliers throughout this difficult time.

If you would like to discuss your ideas with Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event then you can do this the following ways:


Text/Mobile: 07587158999

Home Number: 01243 829592

or alternatively, use contact form on the website and Zoe will contact you.

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