Cupcake Event 2020

Event Details

My Special Event is holding another Virtual Event this year.  The second one in 3 months, due to the restrictions on events because of the current Covid-19 Pandemic.  Raising money for The Alzheimer’s Society, a cause close to Zoe Pniewski, of My Special Events heart.

Virtual Cupcake Event For September Weekend

During the weekend of Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September, My Special Event will be hosting a virtual Cupcake Event.  To participate all is required is to bake, make or buy a cake(s)and then photograph these creations and if you can donate to the event, before eating your makes with friends and family (if safe to do so!).  In “normal” circumstances we would be holding a bake sale to raise the extra “dough” but this isn’t possible at the moment due to current restrictions on gatherings and events.

Cupcakes for Cupcake Event

Raising “dough” to support the marvellous work The Alzheimer’s Society Does

The Alzheimer’s Society is a charity set up to help those who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, which there are many different kinds and variations.  The society works with family members to increase their understanding of the condition, which unfortunately there is currently no cure for. There are many factors which make this illness a difficult one to deal with, and the illness itself  doesn’t discriminate so no matter you age, gender, sexuality, race or religion it is an illness that anyone can get.  Some people can still lead normal lives and we need to escape from it being a “taboo” subject for many and get talking about it.


Gather your friends and family if you can do safely during these difficult times and share stories, memories and cake during these event and also at other times.  Treasure your moments together and make memories which will last.

Speaking from personal experience this is a very difficult illness to deal with and My Special Event would like to do everything they can to help raise awareness of this condition, get people talking and accepting it as part of life, part of society and also bake some wonderful cakes.

How Do I Get Involved In This Virtual Event?

If you would like to participate in this virtual event then it is quite easy to do so.

  1. Bake, Make or Buy a Cake for the event
  2. Take a photo
  3. If you can donate what you would of make if you sold the cake at a “normal”  event
  4. Sit down with a cuppa and share the cake with those in your household

So really it couldn’t be simpler.  No special tools and no need to move much. There is also no restrictions on the number of cake photos you can submit for these event or the amount you can donate if you can.

How Do I Send My Special Event My Photos Of My Creations?

If you wish to send Zoe Pniewski, of My Special Event your photos of your creations then you can in the following way:


WhatsApp the Photos to 07587158999

Email the photos via FB page: My Special Event 

Post the photos on the Facebook Event’s Page : My Special Event – Virtual Cupcake Baking Event 

or contact Zoe Pniewski via the website and use the contact form and she will respond to you.

How do I Send My Donation For This Event?

My Special Event has set up a Just Giving page for this event so you can donate by visiting or clicking on the link to their event page.

Virtual Cupcake Day 05.09.20 -06.09.20

Alternatively, contact My Special Event using their contact form or email address and they will let you know how you can donate offline instead.


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