Gallery of Work 

Here are a selection of photos from Events past and present – some are My Special Event Events and some are personal events. Each photo tells a story, tells the viewer what the event was about and what is happening.  Some of these events were a one off and have such special memories, therefore to have them captured on camera is a great memory.  As an Event and Wedding Planner, My Special Event likes to document their work to show future clients and give ideas when a client has a similar event to organise. 

Our Wedding Day – Professional Photographer Photos

Bridal Hair Preparation

Pixels Against Cancer – Charity Fundraiser – 16.09.2018 @ The Waverley Pub & Restaurant, Bognor Regis

Retro Video Gaming Pixels Against Cancer made it into the local paper

The Great Stand Up To Cancer Coffee Morning – Charity Fundraiser – 30.09.2018 @ Art & Music Bognor Regis 

Zoe and Sandra at Stand UP to Cancer Bake Off

Pixels at The Waverley –  Monthly Retro Video Gaming Event – February & March 2019 @ The Waverley Pub and Restuarant, Bognor Regis

My Special Event

Why Take Photos?

My Special Event likes to photograph their events and will make people aware of this before photos are taken. Notices will be put up advising clients that photographs or sometimes videography will be taking place.

As an Event and Wedding Planner, part of my role is to make my clients feel at ease so if permitting photographs is an issue then this something we will discuss within the first or subsequent consultations with the client. Everyone has the right to say no to having their event photographed.

Some events are so private to the individual that they do not want their “special day” shown to everyone. The choice is entirely theirs and My Special Event will respect any decisions they make.

Photos are a great way to showcase what events we do and what exciting things happen at these events.

Videos of Events

From time to time, My Special Event will take videos of their events to show future clients what they have done. All videos are taken with extreme care and all the clients are made aware that filming will be taking place. My Special Event believes in the importance of making its clients feel at ease, therefore, the videos are not intrusive and are merely to show the feel of the event rather than the people attending it.

Pixels Against Cancer Charity Fundraiser

A video showing the Pixels Against Cancer Charity Fundraiser hosted by My Special Event. This video was taken at The Waverley and by Jack

Pixels at The Waverley Taster Session

We invited members of the public to come along to our FREE taster session before we launched Pixels at The Waverley. A Sunday afternoon playing retro games for an hour.


Wedding Photos – Occasionphotos (Stephen Cousins)

Pixels Against Cancer, The Great Stand Up to Cancer Coffee Morning and Pixels at The Waverley – My Special Event (Zoe Pniewski)

Special thanks to The Waverley, St Mary’s Church Yapton, Sandra Louisa t/a Art & Music, The Hilton Avisford Park Hotel and Jane – Hair at Home.

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