Memory Walk for Alzheimer’s Society

On Saturday 24th September 2016 My Special Event will be participating in the Portsmouth Memory Walk. It is a 2.5km Walk raising money and awareness for the Alzheimers Society.

Memory Walk – When do they take place?

All throughout September and October thousands of people will be walking in aid of the Alzheimers Society which carries out fantastic work helping people suffering with Alzheimers and Dementia throughout the UK.

Memory Walk – What Age can you take part?

People of all ages are encouraged to participate as there are 31 walks across the country to take part in.  For the Portsmouth walk there is a choice of 2.5km or 10km but other walks have varied distances and a majority are pushchair and wheelchair friendly so family and friends can join you on the walk too.

My Special Event (aka Zoe)  will be walking the 2.5km with my toddler (he will be in his buggy!!)

Dementia – It just doesnt affect the older generations

There are many forms of dementia and it can affect many different types of people.  There is no cure at present but there are ways that we can learn to cope with it and help our loved ones cope with it.

Dementia comes in many forms including:

  • Alzheimers
  • Vascular Dementia
  • Frontotempal Dementia
  • Young- Onset Dementia
  • Mild Cognitive Dementia

This is just a few examples of the conditions we can experience.  For fuller explanations visit the Alzheimers Society website.  On their website is further details about the signs and symptoms, conditions and advice and support for those with it and those living with friends and family with a condition.

Local Alzheimers Societies Also Need Help

As  well as the Alzheimers Society there are local societies who support people living with the condition.  They too do fantastic work and when you come to support a local charity you may decide to support one of them.  All the work all these charities do it important and all the money raised will help in one way or another to support the fight against dementia.

Anyone worried about dementia should seek medical advice about the condition and not worry alone.  There is always someone to talk to about your worries and talking is the best, sometimes when we feel we cannot speak to a close friend or relative it is best to talk to a stranger who is not associated with the condition.

Memory Walk – How can we help?

If you would like to read more about this walk or perhaps give a donation to this worth cause then please click on either link below for further details.

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