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My Special Event 

Well I couldn’t become an Event and Wedding Planner without telling you about My Special Day – My Wedding Day

The Proposal – Another Special Day but just the beginning

Now imagine you have been with your girlfriend for a few years and want to make the proposal the best day ever. What do you do? Where do you go? Questions, time and time again, millions of partners ask.  The pressure to make the proposal perfect and this was no different for my boyfriend.  The questions he asked to make sure he found the best place.

Where is the best place in England to propose to your girlfriend?

Obsessed with Downton Abbey?

Where do you go?

Highclere Castle,  of course, and that is exactly what my boyfriend (now husband) did, he decided to propose.  Walking around the house and grounds of the castle is a truly magical and romantic experience.

I was overwhelmed by the size of the place and how beautiful it was.

What I didn’t know was that my husband to be was walking around the whole time with the engagement ring he had chosen loose in his shirt pocket.  Several times he must have checked to make sure it was still there until the time was right to propose. Panicing all the time, was he going to loose the ring, will she say “Yes”? Will I fall over?

Walking along the many gardens and fields we stopped at a small meadow which is call “The Secret Garden” with what was called a “loveseat”.

Seating down on the seat and admiring the view, I turned to Jan, to find him on the floor on bended knee and that was the moment…. the “will you marry me?” moment. – My Immediate thought was how was he going to get up off the floor!

Of course, I said “Yes” or this whole story would be pointless, after many tears and attempts to telephone my mum who was out at the time and didn’t pick up the telephone we celebrated in our own way.

We had our photos taken in the garden by some other visitors so we could capture the moment. We then went to the gift shop where we were given a free box of treats to say congratulations on our engagement.  I was such a lucky girl and it was the romantic proposal I had been waiting for for years.

The Planning 

Planning for the wedding came naturally, however, because I had already been married we decided to wait and do it properly rather than rush into doing it. The Event and Wedding Planner in me wanted to do it properly this time, take it slowly, organise it right… out came the Wedding Planner File!!!!!!

Everything had to be perfect for me and we had to seek permission to get married in the church as I had been married before and Jan hadn’t.

We chose, in the end, to ask for permission to marry in the same church Jan’s parents did 50 years previously as we thought it would be nice to have that close family connection.

The church St Mary’s of Yapton was absolutely stunning and the vicar Rev’ Richard was so down to earth and put me at ease.

St Mary's Church Yapton
St Mary’s Church at Yapton is available for all sorts of services from Weddings, Funerals to Christening.

The Big Event – The Wedding Day – My Special Day

Although there had been some mishaps along the way, eventually the day arrived for the wedding and it one full of excitement and anticipation.

There were a lot of people involved in making our day a Special Event and it was certainly one full of love, happiness, and new beginnings.

The people involved in our Special Event were:-

Ceremony Venue: St Mary’s Yapton

Reception Venue: The George Inn, Eartham

Hotel – The Night Before Wedding & Wedding Night: Hilton Avisford Park Hotel 

Photography: Stephan Cousins – Occasion Photos 

Dress supplied by Confetti Bridal Gowns

Hair for Bride and Bridesmaids: Wedding Hair at Home – Jane

Wedding Transport/ Car: AG Classic Wedding Cars 

Bridesmaid/ Maid of Honour Dresses: House of Frazer and Debenhams

Wedding Flowers: E Bay – Various suppliers

Unfortunately, the supplier for my Wedding Cake is no longer in business

There are lots of lovely local and nationwide bakers who specialize in Wedding and Celebration Cakes.

A busy day had by all. I was the bride who had experience on her side after being married once, this was my time to shine and do it right.

If there is one piece of advice I could offer a Bride or Groom to be that is to enjoy yourself and do “what you want to do” after all it is “Your Day” “Your Special Event”.

You can take all the advice given but it is you that makes the final decision.  This is one day you will remember and it should be “as special as you are”.

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