One Million Steps 27 Days Early

One Million Step Challenge

One Million Reasons to be Cheerful!

One Million Steps Challenge for Diabetes UK has been completed by Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event on Thursday 3rd September 2020. 27 Days BEFORE the completion date!

One Million Steps 27 Days Early 1
Completed by My Special Event on 3rd September 2020

The challenge was between 1st July till 30th September, is to walk a total of 1 Million Steps to raise awareness and donations on behalf of Diabetes UK.

One Million Ways to do This?

Diabetes UK has said that you can complete this challenge by walking, jogging or even dancing your way there. Zoe Pniewski, of My Special Event, based in Bognor Regis West Sussex decided to walk them. She enlisted the help of friends and family members to help her get her stride and keep up the pace with her, Determination was the key to success with this challenge.

You do one million sponsored steps. We transform lives. Together we end the harm caused by diabetes.

Diabetes UK

Awareness and Help for this Fantastic Charity

My Special Event, participated in this challenge to raise as well as funds but also awareness for the fantastic work they do for people and their families who have diabetes. Coming from personal experience with family members who have the condition and also someone who has continued throughout her life to struggle with her weight and diet, Zoe undertook the challenge for the many health benefits too. During the months of March, April and May when a majority of the country were in lockdown due to the restrictions imposed by the UK Government due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Zoe wanted to do something to stimulate her mentally as well as physically.

Diabetes and Manging your Lifestyle

For years and years, Zoe has fought a personal battle with her weight and health. She is from a family who have diabetes so it is possible with no management she could develop this condition too. Zoe during lockdown was struggling with her weight challenges and mental health, then she came across this challenge. She has always enjoyed walking and saw this challened as a chance to do something for her and others during this difficult situation.

One Million Seems a Lot !!

One Million Steps did seem quite daunting at first but with the support of the Diabetes UK, Zoe registered her interest in the challenge. Diabetes UK sent her the supporters pack and she set up her fundraising page. Starting with a donation target of £100 and setting her sights on completing the first 250,000 steps, Zoe started just before the 1st July to get the practice in for the challenge. Event before the 1st July she had her first donation!

Many Benefits to this Challenge too

Completing a challenge like the One Million Steps has many benefits too for the individual. Keeping fit is essential to a healthier lifestyle and also can have other benefits including:

  • More energised and alert
  • Achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle and hopefully fitter one too
  • Sleeping better at night – getting those 8 hours of rest
  • Reducing Stress , feeling more relaxed
  • Health benefits including lower blood pressure and healthier heart

Overall it is a win – win situation and with the added bonus of the glorious weather during the lockdown the challenge was a fun and exciting one to complete.

Building Up Each Day

Slowly each day, Zoe Pniewski built up her steps. Her goal was at least 10,870 steps a day and most days she would smash that several times over with completing 19,000 or 23,000 steps depending what she was doing during the day or the lengths of walks she completed. A little bit of decorating during the challenge helped to build up her steps too.

What Next After 1 Million?

Where to go from here? Walking more or finishing early?

Zoe Pniewski has decided that she is continuing on with the walking. She has her sights set on 1.2 million steps then 1.5 million and finally 1.7million steps and see what she can achieve by the end of September. She has also said she would like to continue on after the challenge has ended as it has benefited her in so many ways.

My Special Event Can Still Be Supported – How

My Special Event’s Fundraising page with Diabetes UK is still live and donations can still be made to the page. It is also where people can keep up to date with how many steps have now been completed as they are logged daily.

Visit: and search for Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event under the “Search” section of the page. This will take you to the fundraising page of My Special Event and you can read all about the challenge and donate if you wish to.

One Million Steps 27 Days Early 2

Fancy Doing a Virtual Fundraiser and Getting My Special Event to Help?

If you have a virtual fundraiser in mind and would like My Special Event to help you either organise it or promote it then you can get in touch with Zoe Pniewski the following ways:

Telephone: 01243 829592 / 07587158999


Facebook: Search My Special Event –

Twitter: @MySpecialEvent3

Instagram: zoepniewski myspecialevent

LinkedIn: MySpecialEvent

or visit and use the contact form and Zoe Pniewski will contact you.

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