Parties & Events

Parties & Events (2021 and Beyond)

Planning that Special Occasion.

Parties & Events are eventually surviving 2021 and Covid Conditions!!!!

This industry has been greatly affected in 2020, 2021, and because of the present climate were few and mostly non-exist. A solution had to be found by My Special Event and other businesses . What would it be? Where would it take us? How long will we survive in this current climate?

The solution was for My Special Event to take a different direction.

The Events and Wedding Industry has been hit hard by the Covid- 19 Pandemic and businesses like My Special Event have had to adapt and change to keep in business.

This is one of the remaining services My Special Event continues to offer clients helping them to organise and plan for that “special” party.

How do we begin?

My Special Event offers a FREE initial consultation with their clients. This gives clients the opportunity to discuss any ideas they have. My Special Event will make suggestions to their client and this is to make their event “special” to them.

The initial consultation is normally for 1 hr and between the client and My Special Event. If the client requires subsequent consultations then these will be charged or include in their package total.

The idea of the initial consultation is to get the ball rolling with ideas and make a plan of how to organise the event and the timescale needed to complete all the tasks.

Once a plan has been put in action, a contract will be drawn up for both parties to sign and a deposit paid to secure the services of My Special Event.

Parties & Events Planning
Parties & Events – Planning that special occasion

Parties & Events – Is there a set package for my event?

The basic answer is every party and event is different depending on what each client requires. My Special Event can offer a package to suit their needs. My Special Event aims to make each one unique and “special” in their own way.

“There is no right or wrong way to have a party!

Parties and Events - Timings and Planning
 “Time is what we want most but what we use worst.” – William Penn



Timings & Planning

Each event is different. Depending on the type of party and the venue required for the event will depend on the amount of time and planning needed. My Special Event will take about this at the initial consultation and with the client come up with a plan.

The best advice is to start as early as possible. Popular venues get booked up early.

Parties and Events are easy to organise – arent they?

Why should I hire an Event Planner?

Hiring My Special Event to help organise and run your Event will help relieve some of the stress and allow you to enjoy your event. Some people see hiring an Event and Wedding Planner as a luxury or extravagance.

My Special Event aims to fit in with every client’s budget the best way they can. Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event is on hand not to blow the budget.

My Special Event will aim to negotiate better deals for you and hopefully save you money!

Types of Events I Cater For?

My Special Event as a qualified Event and Wedding Planner can organise the following types of Personal Parties and Events for their clients.

Personal Parties and Events
  • Birthday Parties (for children and adults*)
  • Anniversary Parties – that special 25th, 30th, 60th Anniversary
  • Christening Parties
  • Engagement Parties
  • Baby Showers
  • Easter Parties
  • Christmas Parties
  • Halloween Parties
  • Hen** & Stag** Parties

There are various points to consider if organising any of the above. My Special Event can help their clients to source relevant suppliers for their event and liaise with the suppliers and even attend the day for them to make sure it runs smoothly.

*Adult Parties for those ages 21+ Only please

** Hen and Stag Parties will be considered depending on size of party, location and other requirements which will be discussed at the initial consultation with My Special Event.


Points to consider:

Event Venue

Making sure it is available and big enough for the client’s needs. It is important to make sure the venue is suitable for the type of event.**(some venues will not permit large groups for Hen or Stag parties).

Event Type

Is it for mixed-aged groups, children and adults, just adults? The decision on the type of event will depend on the client’s needs. To make a great party, each guest will need to feel included and somewhere they can comfortably socialise with others.

Event Catering

Food and Drink for the Event. Are there facilities to do this at the venue? Does the venue offer their own catering and beverages? If not, hiring in a caterer – picking the right one and liaising with them about budgets, requirements, dietary requirement and availability for the client’s event.

Event Photographers

Does your client require a photographer for their event?

Permissions needed.

Guidelines for photography and social media.

Photography requirements will differ depending on the type of event.

Entertainment for you Event

No entertainment included at the venue, organising games/activities/DJ/Bands for the event.

Licences, fees, availability and equipment requirements.


Chaperones and checks are carried out if necessary.

This is mainly relevant to events where there are children present. Names and contact details of any adults who are supervising children at the event


Sorting out suppliers for cake quotes for the client’s event, arranging designs, payments and delivery.


Invitations/ guestlist for the event. – Sort our RSVPs and liaise with the clients any guest requirements.

Decorations & Party Bags

Depending on the venue/ type of venue will depend on the amount of decoration needed for the event.

Party bags

Contents/ Quantity needed and Suitability of Contents.

Dinner Parties

Dinner parties are like Wedding Breakfasts.

Guests sit down after arriving at the event.

Dinner parties themed and styled to suit the client’s needs and requirements.


Organising the menu with the clients – sourcing caterers to cook the dishes required. Organising beverages, canapes, desserts, and even staff for the dinner party.

Seating Plans and Menus

Client’s menus their event. Discussions with the clients about seating plans and organising their guests.

Invitations for the Dinner Party

Liaising with the client the type of invite they would like, sending to the guests and managing RSVPs and any requirements the guests may have.

Dress codes

Making sure all the guests are aware of the dress code for the evening and that the decoration for the evening is appropriate to the look and feel of the event.

My Special Event is there for you

My Special Event is there to help, organise and plan your event. We can be involved as much or as little and you require.

How do I contact My Special Event?

If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation to discuss your ideas for your Party or Event.

Telephone: Zoe Pniewski 07587158999


Or alternatively, fill out my contact form with your requirements and I will get in touch.