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While times are hard and we are all trying to get back to some type of “new normal”, businesses need to advertise their services to clients, especially the Wedding and Events Industry to say to clients “Hey we are still here for you”.

Promoting all over the internet
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Promote, Promote, Promote

Promoting the business or service you offer is important to draw in clients. As a start up company myself back in 2016, I understand the importance of how much promotion is needed. I won’t lie it hasn’t been easy and it can take time and money. 4 years on and I am still promoting the services I offer and slowly building up the business and making people aware of what I can offer.

Promote Your Business Promotion

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Promote with My Special Event

My Special Event is planning on helping businesses out there who need a little bit of help with promotion.

For £20, they will write a blog about your services and what you have to offer and then advertise it on their website and their social media pages.

This service is primarily aimed at the Events and Wedding Industry and their suppliers but can be for any smaller company who wishes to have a bit of extra promotion.

My Special Event did this service for all their suppliers they used for their Wedding and Events Fayre they held in March, just before lockdown and it worked. Despite the Covid -19 issues the turnout for the event was better than expected and this was due to the promotion of the event and the suppliers involved. To see examples of what they did, visit the blogs and news pages.

Let’s Help Each Other

In these difficult times it is time to help each other. By promoting each others services we can get the message across to potential clients that we are here and we can offer you services for your event, as and when you need them.

The government guidance on larger scaled events and weddings is that they are currently not permitted but we need to advertise to clients that they will be allowed “sometime” in the future.

Currently there is permission for smaller events and weddings to take place (under 30 people and with social distancing). The government have published guidance on this and it is updated regularly.

Social distancing is making events a little tricker at the moment, so companies are finding new and exciting and clever ways to host events and promote them. Most events are either on a smaller scale nowadays or hosted online, which again is something My Special Event has been doing.

Blog it, Flog it….

Blogging about a company or a service is great way for readers to find out about what there is to offer and also a fun and informative way.

Companies can write about anything that they feel will attract their clients, special offers, promotions, new services, change to services, the list is endless. Google likes to index and follow pages so links and interesting facts are important. The blogging material should be original and engaging so sometimes it is better for someone else outside of the company to write as they may have a different slant on the feel and look of a company. Of course everything written is up for negotiation and the client can have as much imput as they like.

My Special Event has this promotion on for the rest of 2020 and they would like to invite people to provide them with information about what they would like to promote and then hopefully this will engage the right clients and help promote both businesses. My Special Event will promote on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Google My Business.

Promotional Material – What do I Need?

To have a blog written by My Special Event, the companies would need to provide a little bit of information:-

  • Company Name and the services they provide
  • Where they are based
  • Contact information such as telephone, email and website as well as any social media accounts they have (Names of the accounts not details to access them as they will be used as links in the blogs)
  • What the company is all about
  • A bit of background information if applicable about how the company started or the person running the company or service got involved
  • Any promotional or business photos (JPEGS) and give My Special Event full permissions to use on their blog and social media pages
  • Any promotions they have running at the time
  • Any other interesting information about the company or business that the person feels maybe relevant for the blog

How do I get in touch with My Special Event?

My Special Event is available through out the working week and some weekends to help clients.

Telephone: 01243 829592 / 07587158999


or visit and use the contact form and Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event will contact you.

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