The Importance of Advertising an Event

Importance of Advertising and getting it right – Start with the event

Importance of Advertising
Start with the right advertising and you are halfway to success

Pixels at The Waverley

My Special Event’s first event of this year is Pixels at The Waverley. The key to successful advertising is to get the event maximum exposure.

After the success of last years charity events – Pixels Against Cancer and Stand UP to Cancer Coffee Morning getting the advertising correct is vital.

Why it’s Important to Understand what Type of Event you are Advertising  

Advertising this event and making sure that it is clear what type of event it is i.e. not a charity event like last years is important as you do not want to mislead people.

From the start, people need to know exactly what they are coming to and what it is for.

Pixels at The Waverley is to be hosted by Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event.

Where to start advertising an event like Pixels?

The event will be trialled for a minimum of 3 months and if it is a success then will become a regular event once a month on a Sunday.

The right poster/leaflet to help advertise the event is vital. Our good friend Kurt who originally designed the Pixels Against Cancer poster agreed to redesign this one for us.

Pixels At The Waverley Retro Video Gaming Event
Poster Pixels At The Waverley

It is a generic poster which tells the reader that it is a regular event and not just a one-off.

Keeping it the Same

The same design used to advertise Pixels Against cancer was used for Pixels at The Waverley. This was because it was instantly recognisable to people who attended last year and have been inquiring about when will be holding another similar event. The bright colours and the theme of the poster were vital – keeping within the Retro theme which is what we are aiming for.

Newspapers and Radio Advertising to Get Our Message Across

Local Newspapers

My Special Event has decided to get the papers and the local radio involved in helping them promote. The Bognor Post and Bognor Observer have both been involved in providing reporters and photographers to write an article for their papers.

Get the audience listening

My Special Event has contacted “SAM FM” and “Spirit FM” to advertising Pixels at The Waverley. As well as this we have put up posters in some local businesses and community centres/ libraries/ theatres those businesses which have community boards for free advertising of the local event.

We have also created an event on the West Sussex County Council Events Website and this will hopefully get the message across to several towns in West Sussex that this new and exciting event is happening.

Support from the Venue

The Waverley where the event has supported this event right from the start. They have been happy to help us promote Pixels at The Waverley by advertising in the pub, on their events page and by use of social media event pages for Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

The Future

My Special Event is hoping that this event will get all those people who use to love retro video gaming and those who do not know much about it involved. The event is open to all ages and abilities and here’s to making everyone’s Sunday a FUNDAY with Pixels Retro Video Gaming.

Read more about Pixels At The Waverley in our next Blogs or visit the Pixels Parties Page for information on how to hold your very own Pixels Retro Video Gaming Event. My Special Event is hoping that this is something that can be special to the town of Bognor Regis and something that will peak many peoples interests for a long time to come.

If you have any ideas for a Pixels party or event then feel free to contact Zoe Pniewski of My Special Event on 07587158999 or email

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