Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events for you and the family

My Special Event is very lucky to not only carry out their own events but organise some events in partnership with other charities and businesses in the local area.

Most of these events are Charity Fundraisers and My Special Event is proud to be a supporter of many local and nationwide charities including:

What type of Event can it be?

Well, a Charity Event can be almost anything you fancy, from Wingwalking to Jelly Shoe racing, Bake Stall to Chest Waxing…the list is endless. My Special Event will aim to get your event as much exposure as they can and if you are raising money for charity then maximum exposure is the best thing for it. Previous events organised by My Special Event including Pixels Against Cancer, Stand Up to Cancer and Bognorphenia events have had advertising in the local papers, radio stations and around the local community.

My Special Event has a few venues that they have worked organising Charity Fundraisers. If you have a venue in mind then give My Special Event a call and see what we can do for you and your event. Some venues will even waiver their function room fees for special charity fundraisers.

My Special Event is always looking for charity fundraisers to support so if you have one and would like My Special Event to help with the organisation of it for you then contact them:

Telephone: 07587158999

Email: info@myspecialevent.co.uk

or Facebook message or alternatively fill out the Contact Form on www.myspecialevent.co.uk

Look out on My Special Events News and Blogs Page for news of upcoming events and exciting plans for 2019 and beyond.